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        Founder of Emerge Within

        Our Story

        Emerge Within was created and founded by Kati; a full time intimate wedding and elopement photographer and educator.

        This dream began in 2017 when Kati began teaching and hosting self love workshops for the creative community and over time, realized the need and desire for self love and wellness breached further than the peers she had been reaching. This blossomed into an opportunity to work with, and help others find and see their value both personally and professionally, and this is where Emerge Within was born.

        Emerge Within is inclusive to everyone and anyone. No matter who you are, or what you’ve experienced- you are welcome and invited to join us on this journey. The drive of this business is to cultivate connections within our community and inspire vulnerability within ourselves and alongside others.

        Our gatherings are filled with opportunities to excavate the tools our past experiences have provided for us, with guidance from licensed and trained professionals in meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and wellness coaching. We aim to inspire self reflection, real self care, a healthy mindset and self confidence. 

        Emerge within is a utility created out of love, hope and inspiration. A business, but really – a foundation; rooted in helping others see but also understand their value, and their worth. 

        Whether through an individual session, group retreat, or business workshop each experience will provide an immeasurable opportunity to Emerge Within, and we can’t wait to thrive with you.